21 Day Morning Detox Routine for Glowing Skin

Stop using skincare products that have many chemicals in and start our 21 day morning detox routine to get a glowing and gorgeous skin.

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Toxins are present in the environment and in many of the products we use and when they start to build up, the skin starts showing the buildup of those toxins.

Eliminating the toxins will make your skin more beautiful and healthy and the best way to do this is by drinking the morning lemon detox drink.

Lemons have many health benefits, which include:

-keep the body alkalized

Lemons are acidic and they have alkaline-forming effect on the fluids of the body. The body will go back to its natural pH.

-high in Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to keep away colds and the flu. Also, it eliminates free radicals within your body. These are linked to diseases and aging.

-cleanses toxins and excess waste

Lemon keeps your bowels moving normally.

-stimulates the liver

The liver eliminates toxins and it’s important to detoxify it from time to time.

-antibacterial properties

Lemon juice eliminates different types of bacteria.

-stronger blood vessels

This is possible because lemons contain bioflavonoids.

-keep off the pounds

Lemon water breaks down fatty cells. You will lose weight in the process and you will also be less bloated.

In the morning, before eating anything, drink 2-3 cups of warm water with a squeeze of half a lemon. Do this daily for 21 days and feel the change!


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