Get Rid of Muscle Soreness Fast With These 6 Tricks

If you are the type of person that adopted a healthy lifestyle, then you sure have a proper diet and do lots of exercises. But you can get sore muscles from exercises, especially if you are not trained. The pain causes discomfort, improper body movement and lack of strength.

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Fever can go away by itself in 3 to 7 days and some people use ointments for muscle pain, such as BenGay, Fastum Gel, Voltaren or Finalgon. But you can get rid of the pain with these 6 tricks:

  1. Proper hydration. Not drinking enough liquids can cause inefficient muscle contraction. Drink water before, during and after training.
  2. Consume carbs and protein. You can add nutritional supplements, antioxidants and Vitamin C to rebuild damaged muscle tissue.
  3. Do exercises despite crams and fever. Light exercises increase blood circulation and muscle pain will be reduced.
  4. Relax your muscles with coarse salt in a warm water bath.
  5. Before exercising, take aspirin. The anticoagulant effect blocks the pain receptors. It doesn’t speed the recovery, but it reduces pain.
  6. Gently massage the affected area to stimulate neutrophils that fight inflammation. This will reduce the pain.


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