How to Prevent and Eliminate Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a very serious cosmetic problem; they can be very visible and can affect your self-esteem very badly.  Varicose veins appear when there is a poor blood circulation.

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Those varicose veins are often painful and have a bluish-purple or red color. This condition is very common and in the most cases, varicose veins appear on the lower legs.

The liver is the one who regulates our circulation and purifies our blood toxins.  So, the main causes of varicose veins are directly related to the liver. In order to prevent and treat them you should first look at your daily diet, and take care of what you eat.  A healthy diet can help you to prevent varicose veins and if you already have them, this diet can help you to treat them very fast.

You will find below the best diet that you should follow in order to keep away the varicose veins or to treat them.

What you should eat:

  • First, you should eat many vegetables and fruits like grapefruit, lemon and chicory.
  • Dried vegetable soup with cumin
  • Whole grains like millet , rice and quinoa
  • Fish , white meat and organic eggs
  • Seeds like raw or sprouted
  • Of cold pressed oils like olive, sesame, sunflower, linseed and wheat seeds.
  • Plant oat drinks , rice and almonds and spices such as garlic or turmeric

What you should avoid:

You should avoid or at least limit consumption of this food.

– Sausages and red meat

– Dairy products and milk

– Fast food meals or even fried foods

– Alcoholic beverages

Infusion for a better circulation:

If you want to improve your blood flow, you should take some daily infusion that will help you to improve your circulation.

For those infusions, you can use plants like gingko biloba, sea holly or rosemary.

how to prevent and eliminate varicose veins

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