See Why Aluminum Foil is Great for Your Body!

Aluminum foil has many great benefits, from packing food to getting rid of many health problems. It can help you with your eye bags, rheumatic pains and even burns.

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It has been confirmed that aluminum foil can be used to heal issues such as neck, back, leg, arm and joint pain, inflammatory health issues, burns, heel pain, sciatica or muscular pain.

If you have arm or leg pain, wrap aluminum foil on the affected area and use bandage to fix it. After 3-4 hours, take it off. Use this treatment for 10-12 days.

It can treat cold and flu, if you take the aluminum foil and wrap it on your feet. Wrap 5-7 layers, separating them with cotton. After an hour remove it and repeat after 2 hours.

To treat burns, you need to put aluminum oil over the wound after you cleaned the area.

You can even treat alleviate phantom pain by wrapping the aluminum foil around your amputated limb. You can feel the pain disappear.

It is also good in treating insomnia. You just have to put frozen strips of aluminum foil on your cheeks and face.

See Why Aluminum Foil is Great for Your Body!
See Why Aluminum Foil is Great for Your Body!

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