This is Why You Should Sleep on Your Left Side and Never on Your Right

Sleep is very important for our physical and mental well-being and is important for maintaining our health and proper functioning of our organs.

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The side we sleep on really matters and is better to sleep on our left side.

People sleep in different positions, even if it’s on the left, the right, on their back or their tummy.

If you sleep on your back, you may have breathing problems and is not recommended for people that suffer of asthma or sleep apnea. Sleeping on the left side can improve your digestion. Comparing the effects on your body that all the sleep positions have, the best one is sleeping on the left side.

On the left side of your body are dominant the lymphatic organs. You will help your body get more time to filter toxins, fluid and wastes through the lymph nodes and the thoracic duct.

Sleeping on the left side benefits:

-Helps in relieving back pain, by reducing the pressure on the spine and make you feel more comfortable.

-it is good for the heart because it improves the circulation of blood.

-it is great for pregnant women. It releases the pressure from the back and increases the blood flow to the uterus, fetus and kidneys.

-It may help in reducing heartburn, by reducing the acid reflux symptoms.

This small change in your sleeping habit can help you get rid of your daily health problems.


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